Why Choose Us

Passionate About Technology

Stay Current, Keep Learning, Be Proud of Your Work, are company fundamentals


We Love creating, innovating and sharing the benefits with our clients.   Leading edge excites us!

People First, Technology Second

We are focused on earning long term relationships and ensuring the technology makes sense and works for the business.


Our Direction

  • iT911 Approach
    Technology Partner and Holistic Solution approaches have been our belief from the beginning. While most companies use the same parts,...
  • IT Hands Free ™
    Technology exists today that will make the everyday feel free of technology frustration.  24/7/365 Monitored and Managed!  SMB and SME...

Our Mission

Assist Businesses and Entrepreneurs to be hassle free from their IT technology and ensure the right technology is chosen to support profitability by bringing IT in alignment with the business.  Be known for People Focused Great IT Solutions and Support.

Since 2001 iT911 Inc has been working with businesses to assist them in getting a handle on the technology they require to use  day to day.   Our people first, technology second approach is a fundamental belief and process that ensures our clients and their teams are able to keep focused on their business objectives and that technology works for them as transparently as possible.

Bring new and progressive solutions to our customers that deliver business value at an affordable cost compared to the traditional options, is achieved through continuous training, review of new and leading technologies and an innovative spirit.

Build long term relationships with our clients as a Technology Partner and work with them to achieve predictable and consistent IT Budgets and Technology Solutions that serve the business goals.   Teach our clients and their teams about the technology they work with everyday so they may gain a comfort with it and utilize it to its’ potential.   Ultimately through sharing our passion for technology, simplify the everyday work experience.


Meet the Team

  • Contractor Team
    iT911 employs a team of contractors that are specialized in various areas which offers our client base full coverage for...
  • Bob Coffey
    Business Advisor iT911 Inc.has been very lucky to have Mr. Coffey as an advisor.  His years of experieince as a Coach,...
  • Rometheis Wize
    Rometheis is the founder and Lead Solutions Architect. Beginning his his career at the age of 18 through part time...
  • A. White
    Always working with computers since a young age, it only made sense to continue to work with them and assist...