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Create Meaningful Solutions
People First, Technology Second
Add value and leave things better
Be a trail blazer


Passion for Life
Passion for Technology
Passion for Realizing Potential
Fused with creativity, has produced
"Game changing" solutions


Follow through
Doing what you say
Honesty, Trust, Courage
Stand behind your action and words
Put your best in all you do

Who we are?

iT911 at the core is a belief and idea!


The belief it can be done better and the idea technology can be made to serve us, make things simpler and free us so we may have more time for
our core passions.

What do we do?

iT911 assists people, businesses in their everyday to gain control and be served by the technology through exercising our passion for it!

“Our core competency is in the management of the day to day IT technologies and delivering timely support around them in a people friendly way.  I have dubbed the title ‘IT Operations Management Specialists’ since iT911 covers all the basics….”
– Rometheis  Wize, President iT911 Inc.

Why do we do I.T.?

iT911 team members  found at an early age, they had a naturalness with computers, technology and found it really exciting and interesting.  This early experience turned into a life time passion and as computers, servers and networks became more prevalent in the business world, careers were possible.

iT911 was created to deliver superior and comprehensive support services to people and businesses in a human friendly way.   The company was started out of frustration with the level of care and degree of support services available at the time of inception and so the founder started iT911
so he could exercise his passion for technology and deliver the quality support he found was not possible while working for other support companies.


iT911 Inc. is an IT Operations and Management Specialist Company, focusing on the SMB and SME market space.
We are Entrepreneur and Non-Profit friendly.