A Primer on Multitenancy for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

While launching a CRM 4.0 deployment for a client we encountered many challenges migrating from BCM 2010 and integrating Outlook 2010.

I came across this blog post and found it very informative for those who are trying to better understand the inner working and best setup process.


CRM 4.0 Deployment Walk-through Guide for Service Providers (PDF, 172 pages)
This is a “how-to” guide with step by step instructions on how to install and configure CRM in various hosting scenarios, including how to enable the Internet-Facing Deployment (IFD) option during the install (it can also be enabled after the install). The trick in reading this document is to find what is pertinent to your implementation among the 172 pages. The document goes to great lengths to discuss hosting Exchange in conjunction with CRM, including the side-by-side provisioning of Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (“HMC” which is a solution for SPs to host Exchange and Sharepoint). If you don’t need to host Exchange, much of this document will not be relevant to you.

How to configure an Internet-Facing Deployment for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
(12/8/2008, Word Doc, 24 pages)
This is a brief guide on how to set up CRM so that it will provide a logon form to someone who is accessing the software over the Internet, from outside the firewall. This is known as forms-based authentication. This document is an update to the original document released on 1/14/2008 which was an 8 page PDF. It includes instructions for configuring IFD at install time and using the IFD Configuration tool. You could also use the info to gain an understanding of how to manually configure IFD by editing the registry, SQL tables, and the web.config file. Of course, I would NEVER recommend (at least not publicly) editing the SQL tables directly (add all the pertinent warnings about editing the registry or SQL tables directly here). Seriously though, I would not recommend doing a soup to nuts configuration of IFD manually.

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