Converged Cloud Solutions

One-size-fits-all does not fit SMB & SME’s needs. Today’s world requires a converged delivery model, sourced across traditional, private and public cloud offerings. A converged cloud strategy provides simplicity, speed, reduced cost and risk, and compliance.  HP’s Converged Cloud is a common architectural foundation across traditional IT and private, managed and public clouds.

iT911 believes and promotes HP Solutions from the desktop all the way to the cloud.

Our Solution Architects review a businesses needs, existing technology present and goals before making recommendations and presenting our solution offerings.

Many customers already employ a converged cloud solution and do not even realize it, as an example a customer who has employed vitalization of their servers, engaged a cloud based anti-spam or mail management solution and say Amazon for their testing.

The question is, is there a unified management solution to make it simple to scale and monitor?

Whether you have some, none or all parts of a total cloud solution we can bring value through optimization, insight and management.


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