Spam Free with Google Message Security

Effective, Convenient and Easy!

Google Message Security has become a popular choice among clients and IT colleagues alike, for 1 main reason, it is effective.

Gain the confidence of knowing that your email network is secure and compliant round the clock – in the cloud, without installing costly hardware or infrastructure.


Google’s patented real-time, pass through architecture blocks email-borne threats – like spam and viruses – reducing downtime and on-site complexity


Keep networks safe

Stop spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service, directory harvest attacks, and other attacks before they reach your network without message loss or disruptions to email service.


Meet compliance needs

Define email usage policies in your organization to ensure compliance  with legislation and best practices. Apply different policies to groups or individuals based on role. Easily adapt to policy changes through a  simple policy management interface.


Protect sensitive data during transmission

Protect sensitive messages such as financial data and personal content by using industry-standard SSL or TLS protocols.


Guaranteed availability and delivery

Google delivers 99.999% availability for message processing and 100% virus protection SLAs at global scale, securely filtering and delivering  billions of transactions each day.


Rapid deployment, easy maintenance

Google Message Security works with your existing email system, with no need to add hardware or software. Updates arrive automatically, without downtime or additional costs.



Contact sales to learn more and about discounts for schools or non-profits with 250 users or more.

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