Rometheis Wize

Rometheis is the founder and Lead Solutions Architect.

Beginning his his career at the age of 18 through part time consulting he quickly discovered that he had a passion for computer technology and assisting others.  In 2001, Rometheis launched iT911 Inc. and focussed on small businesses in the Toronto area.  His unspoken approach was to over service the clients and provide a holistic solutions and support approach.

Proven technology innovator, effecting lean and robust IT solutions  geared toward the SMB-SME market, Rometheis offers his leadership and passion for technology  to clients.   He has assisted companies grow or get their business back on track through various  senior roles, CIO, CTO and IT Manager, always with the focus on building strong teams and aligning technology with business goals.

Rometheis represents 15 years of progressive IT Solutions Development and IT Management experience.

From simple beginnings, Rometheis began his career in 1994 and independently started  iT911 in 2001 and quickly grew the company.  Known for his generosity to clients, colleagues and friends, Rometheis has earned both awards and recognition for his dedication to people and profession.

In addition to owning and running iT911 Inc., Rometheis spends time as a volunteer with  the Boys and Girls Club as well as mentoring aspiring IT specialists.