RDS 2016 the Replacement of Terminal Services

RDS 2016 offer so many improvements. With the SPLA program not supporting desk OS sku’s you can now use the Desktop Experience in Server 2016 in order to to do VDI and be in license compliance.

Remote FX now works with the Sever 2016 thus making it possible to level high performance video cards in your hosts.

Below is a great article to go over the new features.

Here is the list of RDS 2016 new features and improvements, that can be interesting for service providers:

Windows10-like experience
New GPU acceleration capabilities – RemoteFX improvements and Discrete Device Assignment feature
Personal Session Desktops – VDI, based on Windows Server 2016 inside the guest
New traffic protocol – RDP v10
Remote Credential Guard – protects credentials from being stolen during the logon process into RDS
New RDS clients for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
Optimized Connection Broker – handles much more requests and can store its DB in Azure SQL Database
Simplified deployment of RDS in Azure
Integrated MultiPoint Services …”

ref: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/hybridcloudbp/2016/11/15/new-rds-capabilities-in-windows-server-2016-for-service-providers/

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