HP Tablet Issue with Exchange Mailboxes

When your HP Tablet says: Error http: 500   – wrong username or password

But you know it is correct and you can use the browser and access OWA???

There appears to be an issue with the HP Tablet connecting to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.  People have been having this issue since at least early 2011 from what I can see and there has been no real resolution posted by the community or by HP.  Alas though, I have found the illusive answer and it turns out it was not the HP Tablet, though the other platforms APPLE, Android, Microsoft, do not have the issue; looks like the HP tablet just is not as sophistically designed.

I just resolve the issue for a client that can connect all devices except the HP tablet. After some review of the posts, here are the two new additions that lead to the resolution:

Client is using: Exchange 2010

1. Ensure Autodiscovery is setup properly: I used the SRV option, seems to be the simplest
ref: A new feature is available that enables Outlook 2007 to use DNS Service Location (SRV) records to locate the Exchange Autodiscover service

The error the HP Tablet was presenting was a Http 500 error. While most thought this to be a certificate error it appears to be an Active Directory Error and permissions. Here is the Microsoft site that I used to find this issue and resolve:

2. Exchange ActiveSync Returned an HTTP 500 Error
ref: Exchange ActiveSync Returned an HTTP 500 Error
Comment: The issue appears to be a permissions issue in Active Directory and the changed mentioned in the technet article is quick and easy if you have access to the Domain Controller. If you do not you may want to pass on the link above to your systems administrator.

The above issue and resolution was in relation to Exchange 2010 and using a Public CA certificate. If you are using a self signed certificate, this may resolve the issue however there are some other posts that deal with self signed certificate based issues.

Good Luck

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